G1001 Innovations partners with growing businesses by investing strategically across the capital structure, offering insurance capacity, and providing product development expertise to build, launch, and scale. We specialize in asset-backed deals supporting technology trailblazers, especially within insurance, financial services, and real estate.

We partner with companies and actively look for opportunities in corporate debt, warehouse lines for financial products, fronting and reinsurance capacity, purchases of originated assets, and more.

Focus Areas

Credit InvestmentsThrough our credit investments, we support firms at various stages of growth. Our decades of expertise and flexible capital help fuel expansiion while minimizing dilution.

Strategic InvestmentsWe make strategic investments, both as primary equity investors and limited partners, to foster long-term partnerships and access credit investment opportunities.

Strategic PartnershipsIn our strategic partnerships, we bring together a team of experienced founders, operators, and advisors. They offer valuable insights and serve as strategic thought partners for your business. Leveraging the capabilities of Group 1001 insurance companies, including our balance sheets, risk underwriting, and distribution capabilities, we provide support to accelerate startup growth.