Group1001 announces strategic partnership with Elites Optimization Services


September 10, 2018

Group1001 today announced their sponsorship of Elites Optimization Services (EOS), an organization that offers career coaching, mentoring and job exploration services aimed at helping athletes start and transition to new careers. As a corporate education sponsor, Group1001 will partner with EOS to provide financial education classes to educate athletes who are transitioning from competitive athletics to professional careers.

Group1001 and EOS have collaborated to offer courses around themes such as understanding and effectively using insurance, budgeting money effectively for now and the future, the basics of investing, and building and managing your social media presence in a global economy.

While professional athletes that are transitioning to a corporate environment bring the skills they learned as an athlete such as dedication, collaborative working and attention to detail, they often leave without experience in financial planning and management and may be under prepared to handle budgets and financials.

“Our mission as a company is to empower people to achieve their dreams so we’re thrilled to partner with EOS to support athletes as they apply their dedication and focus to the next step in their careers,” said Dan Towriss, CEO of Group1001. “Making a significant career transition is never easy. Together with EOS we look forward to empowering athletes with the tools and mentorship they need to make a successful transition away from professional sports.”

EOS provides holistic career development experiences that focus on helping former athletes achieve the next steps in their careers. They provide coaching, mentoring, and job exploration services for elite athletes to optimize current athletic performance and to start laying the foundation for post-athletic life, transitioning out of sports and into other careers. EOS emboldens athletes to recognize their skills, hone their expertise, and connect their passion for sport with a career that will offer fulfillment and long-term success.

“Our mission is to alleviate the stress that comes with transitioning from being an elite athlete into an equally successfully professional,” said Bill Shelton, Chairman, Lead Mentor and Visionary of EOS. “By partnering with Group1001, who aims to empower their industry, their customers, and their communities, we are excited to jointly help athletes channel their passion for sport to career longevity.”

As a participant in EOS’ career transition program, Shannon Rowbury, 3-time Olympian, American and World Record Holder endorsed this partnership and said, “Having the guidance, mentorship, and coaching from EOS was essential to my professional pivot. I am thrilled that Group1001 is joining EOS to enable other athletes like me launch from the playing field to the boardroom. The modules on insurance and investing particularly will particularly be helpful as I look to gain control over my finances.”

About Group1001
Group1001 is a customer-centric insurance holding company with combined assets under management of approximately $37 billion as of December 31, 2017. We are reimagining the insurance industry experience in ways that empower people financially and help them live better lives. Our mission as a group is to make insurance more useful, intuitive and accessible so everyone can get the most value from their money.

Group1001 believes education and sports have the power to transform communities. We partner with Fields & Futures and the Cal Ripken Sr Foundation to revitalize sports fields in communities across the country, to provide safe and nurturing spaces for young people in the communities we serve. Group1001 also sponsors the Power of Sports, which celebrates powerful stories of people and organizations connecting through sports while driving positive social change for children and communities across the U.S.

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About Elites Optimization Services
Elites Optimization Services, Inc. ("EOS") is committed to offering products with the goal of improving the lives of professional athletes. Founded in 2016, EOS provides career coaching, mentorship and job exploration services for elite athletes to optimize current athletic performance and to start laying the foundation for post-athletic life, transitioning out of sports and into other careers. We believe in servicing the whole athlete, from professional aspirations to commitment to social change by building a dedicated team of career coaches, mentors and EOS staff around the athlete. Please visit for more information on EOS.

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