We make insurance and
retirement products
more useful, intuitive and
accessible for everyone.

We are a consumer centric
insurance holding company
combining deep industry
expertise with a nimble,
tech-driven culture.

Group 1001 is on a mission to empower consumers. Our family of companies share a common goal: giving people more control over their money, making it easier for them to do businesses with us, and creating more opportunities for them to see value every day.

We are always exploring ways in which we can expand our impact, pursuing opportunities to bring new products and services to a wider range of people, and breaking down unnecessary silos and the types of institutional barriers to execution that exist in more traditional companies.

We believe education
and sports have the
power to transform
lives and communities.

Group 1001 is committed to empowering communities through education and sports so that everyone can achieve their dreams.

Our corporate social programs to date have spanned 22 states, positively impacting over 200,000 youths, and have included public and private partnerships to revitalize youth sports fields in at risk communities, and create mentoring and education programs. We celebrate the powerful stories of people and organizations connecting through sports to drive positive social change for kids and communities across the U.S.