Celebrate National STEM Day with Group 1001 Employees

Today is National STEM Day celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics skills! At Group 1001, hundreds of our employees have STEM degrees that have led them to rewarding and important careers.  

STEM Day was created because studies revealed that U.S. students were not keeping up with other countries in these disciplines. This day recognizes and promotes the importance for all ages to explore these exciting fields that are changing our world. Nearly all STEM careers are on the U.S. Labor Department’s 10 fasting growing occupations. 

To align with Parity Week by Gainbridge®, events celebrating women in sports, we are featuring women in STEM careers at Group 1001.  

Amy Johnson, AVP, IT, started her career in operations. “As an operations leader, I was passionate about building motivated, high-performing teams and recognized the vital role technology played in achieving this. Through technology, I was able to develop ways to enhance the team's knowledge, skills, and efficiency and enable a culture of collaboration. For me, this was the cornerstone of providing high-quality service to our clients. As technology began to evolve, I became increasingly interested in pursuing a career centered on delivering the technology solutions necessary to support the business and eventually moved into IT as a Program Manager. This career path led me to my current role as a Business Solutions Partner supporting annuity operations.”  

Ashley Baechle, Director, IT, loves being able to utilize technology to solve business problems in her role. “Someone early in my career said, ‘work smarter, not harder.’ Finding solutions that do just that makes me walk away at the end of the day feeling accomplished.”  

Lindsay Fulmer, AVP, Principal Technology Strategy, was planning on majoring in business until she tried computer programming, which led her to focus on information systems. “I find business change and evolution to be exciting and intellectually stimulating. Helping people with business challenges and developing creative, strategic solutions is the core of what I do. I love to facilitate process improvements within the organization, which make us more successful, and creates competitive advantages.”  

Advice to Students Interested in a STEM Career 

According to Amy, “Find what excites you and pursue opportunities to practice your skills. Talk to your parents and teachers about ways to engage with individuals who work in your field of interest and job shadow for careers that interest you. Take risks, push boundaries, and don't be afraid of making mistakes!” 

Lindsay emphasized the importance of having diversity in the field. “Diversity brings unique perspectives and alternate ways to address challenges and is critical in developing creative solutions.” 

“If you have a passion for STEM, follow it,” said Ashley. “There were times when I questioned if I was good enough to succeed when the coursework became difficult. It was easy to fall into a negative head space and compare myself to those getting higher marks in school or passing exams quicker than me. Keep with it during those struggles because passion and drive along the way get you where you are meant to be.” 

Group 1001 is fortunate to have numerous employees focused on STEM roles to ensure our sustained growth, innovations, and stability. 

Check out our careers page for exciting job opportunities.  

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